About The X2 Spa Brand

X2 Spa offers the art of traditional Thai massage in a highly luxury, yet contemporary vision of Thai spa culture.

X2 Spa guests are not looking for a for a superficial beauty treatment – they are in search for something meaningful. They expect excellent treatments that respect the elegant, warm and traditional Thai culture and service philosophies.

As a brand, X2 Spa has a unique and unequivocal persona that is embraced by all element of its Spa. The spa concept has created a strong brand equity toward its guests, thanks to the choice of its treatments, the qualitative performance of its therapist and its outstanding environment that it is offered.

The collection of treatments is a result of many years of experience and a passion for the spa industry. The products used in X2 Spa guarantee the highest quality for the guest and are characterized by their natural ingredients and skin-friendliness.

All X2 Spas’ distinguish throughout the following aspects:

  • Warmth, Hospitality and Kindness – from the excellence of its Thai service
  • Tradition and Authenticity – from the benefits of the Thai treatments
  • Relief, Wellness and Serenity – in service and offering
  • Relax and Tranquility – sharing a quiet atmosphere with peaceful music
  • Choice – between Treatments and Service offering