Our Team

As a team we are diverse with not only talent but also character, we have an Operational and Development team with over 200 years combined experience in Spa Management and the Hospitality industry.

  • International & multi skilled
  • With independent & international chain experiences
  • From budget to luxury brand background
  • 360 vision of the market
  • Expert in new technology solutions

X2 Spa as part of the Bespoke Hospitality Management Asia (BHMAsia) group. The company is a pioneer and expert in Spa Management and in the creation boutique design spas, hotels and resorts in the Asia Pacific region. BHMAsia brings all its expertise and experience at create unique guest experiences to help owners and developers conceptualize, build, deliver and service world class boutique properties.

Quality Team

Our Quality team is here to control the quality of the treatments, services and the spa atmosphere. Our QA Team tests all of our newly developed Spas and also its internal products (prior to their launch), treatments and services as well as its external communication and promotion to ensure that we are creating the highest quality and most valuable Thai Spa products and services. Every product this team tests must be studied in great detail and tested thoroughly to find potential holes in logic, see how our staff interacts with guests, how they sell our products and how it will affect our customers.

Training Team

We hire a specific Thai training team in order to teach our staff worldwide the traditional Thai treatments and know how. Our experts team is serious and motivated, trained in the What Pho professional Thai school, they know exactly how to process for each treatment. X2 Spa provides turnkey spa management solutions and provides detailed SOPs for each staff and function.

Because building a productive team is our main goal, our training team provides the steps on how to recruit, hire, retain, and train the X2 Spa team. As a team can either make or break a spa, having the most beautiful spa is a step, but if the team is not productive and united, you won’t reach your goals. This is why we focus on this training a lot to provide the best services in our X2 Spa spaces.

Anthony McDonald

Anthony McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

  • Successful entrepreneur with many years of experiences in property investment and service industry.
  • CEO of the international management and consulting company Bespoke Hospitality Management Asia, based in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Boutique and design professional with an outstanding expertise in Consulting, Sales, Marketing & Management in this niche market.
  • Founder of the high valuable and innovative boutique hospitality Brands X2 and AWAY.
  • Owner of various high luxury X2 and Away Properties throughout Thailand and Australia

“With three X2 Spa properties already under management in Thailand and 6 more opening in 2016, we  are providing the X2 Spa brand and operations to hotel and spa owners across Asia Pacific. We believe that there is a high demand for a professional spa operator and franchisor for hotels and resorts and we can deliver such service. We have an expert team with extensive spa experience that can guide spa owners step by step in order to establish a spa. We have a strong Marketing and PR team to promote the spa to the right channel. Our clients can gain the assistance from our support team whether it is the need for technical or pre-opening support to the day-to-day operation,” added Mr. Anthony McDonald, CEO of X2 Spa.