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Royal Thai Massage

Founded 2,500 years ago, the Thai massage has an ancient history. Its secrets have been passed from generation to generation from as far back as the Kingdom of Calm. Over the centuries the Thai massage has become renowned for its ability to relieve the nerve-system, enhance the quality of breathing and the blood flow while having the practical ability to relieve stress. Having been practiced for thousands of years the Thai Massage is strongly ties with Thailand’s historic past. It is a form of identity for the Thai people and a way of life.

Traditional Thai massage uses a similar system of pressure points to help heal and relieve stress. Thai massage has many benefits, relaxing and removing stress this traditional massage opens up ones chakras, allowing one to have a clear mind while healing ones physical health.

X2 Spa’s Royal Massage

Today X2 Spa Thai Massage includes important elements of the Royal Thai Massage that distinguish itself through its effectiveness and polite contact between therapist and patient. The treatment is combined with a unique selection of Royal herbs to enhance the experience.

The Royal Thai massage used to be reserved to the Royal family, hence the treatments name and was inspired by the unique treatments preferred by the members of Royal family. The Thai Royal Massage is a beneficial form of massage therapy that should experience at least once in a lifetime. Indeed the Royal Thai Massage is an act of giving and compassion transformed into a sense of well-being which is both generated and received. The Royal Thai Massage is practiced softly, without any cracking of the joints.