About X2 Spa Franchise

The X2 Spa franchise was designed to meet the growing demand for a total turnkey spa solution. The spa franchise draws from the brands heritage in traditional Royal Thai massage and spa treatments and has developed into a holistic solution for spa owners using international standards to delivery an authentic experience every time. X2 Spa prides its self on delivering a unique Spa & Massage experience, reflecting upon the Thai touch, in a contemporary Asian environment, focused on serving all the senses.

Since 2008 the X2 Spa franchises has been operating for the well-being of our guests, establishing a calm and relaxing atmosphere, achieved through our luxurious design centric environment and our professional therapists. By optimising the natural balance of each guest the X2 Spa franchise is able to improve the quality of their stay. From our beginning, the X2 Spa franchise has built a strong brand equity with our loyal costumer group at its heart. The choice of the treatments, the healing ability of our respectful therapist, and the spa’s luxurious design focused environment, all contributed to this strong equity.

At X2 Spa we have been transforming each massage into a real experience for each guest, accessing the deepest tissue pressure point, providing a complete skin care using our traditional Royal Thai techniques. The X2 Spa franchisee’s hospitality practises are derived from ancient premises of Thai culture exuding warmth while remaining professional. X2 Spa has acquired the know-how to create a real identification, highlighting all the cultural and traditional aspects of Thailand.

Part of BHMAsia Group

The X2 Spa Franchise has been created by Bespoke Hospitality Management Asia (BHMAsia), an international hospitality development and management company with offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh and Paris. The key elements to the group’s ongoing success come from our focus on targeted growth, our international market knowledge and insights, operational expertise and investment-focused management.

The group holds a portfolio of different brands:

  • X2 (cross to) – 5 star lifestyle resorts, hotels, residences and villas
  • Away – 4 star resorts, hotels and villas

X2 Spa Franchise History

  • 2008

    Opened the First X2 Spa in X2 Samui, Thailand

  • 2011

    Opened X2 Spa in X2 Kui Buri, Thailand

  • 2013

    Opened X2   Spa in Away Koh Kood, Thailand

    Opened X2   Spa in Hua Hin, Thailand

  • 2014

    X2 Spa opening in Hainan, China

    X2 Spa opening in Shanghai, China

    X2 Spa opening in Kep, Cambodia

  • 2015

    X2 Spa opening in Bangkok, Thailand

    X2 Spa opening in Phuket, Thailand